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Running For Two


By now it’s probably no secret that I’ve had a very special running buddy joining me for the last 20+ weeks! I decided to share the news officially on my blog and all social media outlets so that I can talk about it openly. Baby number two will be making HER debut sometime in early November!

Running While Pregnant

Homemade “Running For Two” shirt at the TinkerBell Half Marathon!

Running while pregnant the last few months has been quite an eye opening experience. While I tried my best to stay active through my first pregnancy, the fear of the unknown may have stopped me from exercising way sooner than necessary. This time my goal is to keep going as long as I safely can, and that includes long runs. So far I’ve run three half marathons (one in my first trimester and two in my second), a 15K, and a 10K. Although I had to do little adjustment at first other than taking some walk breaks every half mile or so, around 17 weeks I slowed waaaay down. I’m now doing true run/walk intervals (currently 2:30/30) and my longest run this past month has been about four miles. It’s not that running is too difficult yet, but I admit it is hard to go out for a “quick” training run knowing it is going to take 40% longer than it usually does. The recovery process is definitely getting more challenging as well. In the future this might be beneficial because it will force me to develop better habits instead of rolling my quads for 30 seconds and calling it a night.

Ideally I would still like to participate in the Beat the Blerch virtual race I signed on September 12. I know, I know, virtual races can be completed at any time. This one last realistic goal for this pregnancy will hopefully help me stay on track and keep up my fitness level as much as possible until baby girl #2 joins us in November.  Once she’s here, I plan to hit the ground running!

I’d love to hear from experienced mamas who continued running throughout their pregnancy! Please feel free to share your stories, tips, and words of wisdom.

❤ Jessica

5 thoughts on “Running For Two

  1. Congrats on continuing to run during your pregnancy! I’ve slowed down and am taking more frequent walking breaks. At 31 weeks I am still running but nothing longer than 6 miles with running being every other day because I need that recovery time that I didn’t used to need before (must be the extra weight). Biggest help has been mapping routes that have bathrooms that I can use about halfway through a run if I need to and finding clothes that are comfy to run in. Doctor says keep running as long as I am comfortable so I look at my runs as a time to focus on good form (my arms) and keeping a positive attitude that something is better than nothing–even if it turns into a walk somedays. I also enjoy reading a blog called running through pregnancy, written by a doctor and encouraging women to be active during their pregnancy. Here is my blog: http://perfectlygoofyamanda.blogspot.com/


    • Hi Amanda!! Thank you for the great response. So funny – this week I decided I should use this time to focus on my form as well, specifically my arms! I’ve noticed in pictures that they look as if they are swinging too far across my body, so I’m working on keeping them more in line. I hear you about the bathrooms as well! I’m getting bored running my same neighborhood loop, so this week I think I’ll run down by the harbor where there are lots of potty stops. Thank you for letting me know about your blog, I plan on checking it out!


  2. I love love love that you are still running while pregnant. I was so sick in the beginning I stopped and I am having a hard time picking the momentum back up again.


  3. You look great, mama! Keep running! I did the DL half at 34 weeks!


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