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Diva Half Marathon Ultimate Giveaway


The RunShine Team has been working hard to get our Diva line officially launched! I won’t be doing my first Divas race until February of next year (at the fabulous-looking special edition Temecula location!), but I have heard many great things about the series. I also think that it is important to run a woman-centric race at least once for the experience. To celebrate the new RunShine collection I am hosting a special giveaway through our Facebook page. Enter here:

to win a special Diva kit which includes a Diva ShimmerBand™ of your choice, Diva headband, and matching Diva tutu. Total prize value is over $60!

Diva Half Marathon & 5K Running Bracelet | HelloRunShine.com

Diva Running Tutu | HelloRunShine.comPerfect accessory for a Divas Race!

I would love to hear from someone who has run a Divas race before! What did you love? What are some shortcomings?

❤ Jessica

11 thoughts on “Diva Half Marathon Ultimate Giveaway

  1. Divas is such a great race! Ive done it twice 🙂 love the costume!!


  2. I haven’t run the Diva Half, but I have been thinking about it for a while. It looks so fun!


  3. I ran Diva’s Long Island with my best running friend from college as her first half marathon in the fall of 2014. There was a lot of pink at the race so wearing a different color (not pink or black) allowed us to keep each other in sight if we went off for water or jogged ahead to get a quick stretch in. The expo was a decent size and not overly crowded at all allowing us to spend about 2 hours getting our bibs and such. We loved getting our tiaras and boas about a mile before the finish. I suggest carrying the boa until closer to the finish cause the feathers kind of stuck to our sweaty necks and were kind of strange to run with for that long. Definitely a do with a running friend, don’t worry about time and make it a destination girls weekend race for the most fun.


    • Too funny Amanda, I had no idea they passed out the tiaras and boas while you were still running! I love the idea of other colors as well to let teams stand out. I see a neon green zebra print theme coming soon…


  4. My first half marathon was Diva NMB and I loved it!! Awesome crowd support, very organized, great medal.


  5. Haven’t ran one yet, but they look fun. May have to add one to the running list 🙂


  6. I haven’t done any Diva races yet. These Diva items are soooooo adorable! Thanks for the giveaway!


  7. Did the Diva half this year. Really fun, but very hilly! Love the new line!! ❤


  8. Love all the pink!!!!! I also saw on Pintrest the princess bracelets, and now I’m obsessed!!!!!


  9. I ran the Diva in Peachtree City last year….awesome race!!! Now if I’d only would have had something this cool to have worn!!


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