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San Diego Holiday Half Race Recap

Hello lovlies! It’s been a long time since I posted an update of any kind. The last few months have been filled to the brim with holidays, races, and orders. I have a lot to share and I’m so excited where RunShine is headed! Before I get ahead of myself though I’d like to recap my last two races, starting with the San Diego Holiday Half. I know someday I will be happy I spent the time to record some of these awesome memories.

San Diego Holiday Half Race Recap | RunShine

Serious Christmas Spirit


I had all intentions of treating this race as a light training run in preparation for the upcoming Star Wars Half Marathon. So I came dressed in my holiday racing best, including a tech gear ugly Christmas sweater that ironically got me a lot of “how cute!” compliments. Good thing I wore the sweater because the morning was chilly, super chilly. I think it was 29 degrees outside at the starting line (I know, I know, if you’re from just about anywhere else you are probably rolling your eyes, but for here that was freezing). As I lined up I found myself standing next to the 2:00 pacer. Here’s my confession: between my last half (Avengers in November) and this race, I had barely trained. Just a few sporadic short runs. Overindulging in holiday food and drink had taken a toll on my overall fitness, and I was generally exhausted from three months of nonstop activity. I had no business of even thinking about it, but as I looked at that pace sign, I thought, “why not”?

The course was FAST. We started 13.1 miles inland and ended at the coast, with a straight, slightly downhill path almost the entire way. I honestly don’t remember much about the race because I was so focused on that 2:00 pacer. Around mile six, just when I thought I was done for, the 1:50 pacer and a small group blew past! No wonder it felt like we were sprinting for the first half. After that I was able to slow my pace considerably and for the first time I pictured myself crossing the finish line with a sub-two PR. I admit I was hurting pretty bad by the end with a leg pain I had never experienced before, and I spent the last mile pleading with myself “just make it to that lamppost, just make it to that tree”. Pain gave way to pure joy when I crossed that line at 1:57:31. I could not believe it! I thought that a sub-two half would be a goal I’d work towards over the next few years.

San Diego Holiday Half Race Recap | RunShine

PR Smiles!


The elation carried me through the long wait for post-race refreshments, the long wait for my race t-shirt and goodie bag (I opted to have my bib mailed to me, and these things did not accompany it), and the loooong wait to be bussed back to the start. By the time I got off the bus and walked the half mile back to my car, I was limping and had a visible bruise at the site of my leg pain(I still have no idea what that was all about). It didn’t matter though, I’ve never been happier. Not only did I have a proof of time that would place me in the front corrals at Disney races for the next two years, I finally realized that with proper training I have the potential to be even faster.

With dream conditions to set PRs, great race medals and race shirts, and a perfect amount of runners (approximately 2,500), I highly recommend the San Diego Holiday Half to anybody. I can’t wait to sign up for this one again!

❤ Jessica

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October Snapshot

In case you haven’t noticed, the “about me” tagline for this blog reads “Half marathon running, craft beer drinking, Halloween fanatic.” It goes without saying that October is a pretty magical time in our house. Magical, and out of this world busy. Here is a quick breakdown of this past month:

*106 separate orders, many of them for multiple items. This includes RunShine and our sister shop, Little Partridge

*The Spooktacular Half Marathon race (and recovery!)

*Halloween festivities! Trips to the pumpkin patch, decorating, preparing for our annual party, dry ice shows for the neighborhood kids, and All Hallows Eve itself.

Although it is a lot of work, the end result is pretty amazing.

Voodoo on the Bayou Party Decorations

6th Annual Party – Voodoo on the Bayou

Voodoo on the Bayou Party Decorations

Indoor Lights

Voodoo on the Bayou Halloween Costumes

Voodoo Priestess and Priest

Cauldron Skeleton Haunt Scene

New Cauldron Haunt Scene

Cemetery Decorating Ideas

Haunted Graveyard

Halloween Costumes 2014

Family Trick-or-Treat Portrait

I’m thrilled with how everything turned out, a little sad that it’s over, and very relieved to be joining normal society again. Compared to October, the upcoming holidays should feel like a piece of cake! I plan on reevaluating that statement on January 1st after two more half marathons, Little Lady’s 2nd birthday party, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a predicted onslaught of holiday orders.

❤ Jessica